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Sharing Salon
2015-08-14 17:49  Clicks:

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd firmly believe that excellent staff is the greatest fortune of one company. We pay more attention to the development of every staff, and try to create study opportunity for everybody.
   In order to create a relax happiness learning climate, we decided to have a share activity called “Sharing Salon” once a week, the core idea of the sharing salon is that use the learning results into the actual life. In the sharing salon we share some professional knowledge, philosophical story, the manners of communication to other body, and we can also take out some problems and solutions, discussed with other workmates.
   In this way, not only further increased my company staff's knowledge, promote the emotional communication between everybody, also make us supply accurate and speedy service to clients, truly achieve the sales concept that do the thing what the customer thinking.
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