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Xinxiang Yulong let the China Creation going ahead
2015-11-28 11:13  Clicks:
  29th Oct. 2015 Chinese Communist 18th  period fifth session perfectly ended, plenary session aim at restricting our country’s development to analyze every prominent problem. Finally it is show out for the five development theories, in which make sure creation is the core position in the development arrangement. This development theory raised up for future break through bottleneck for each enterprise of our country’s, improve develop energy, find the develop direction to provide important thought and theory.
  Xinxiang Yulong Textile company on the early of foundation, they put “creation” as one energy source for pulling through enterprise’s development. To meet market needs, our company set product test department, garment designing these two main research and development department, can customized produced the goods according to customer’s different needs.
  Test center equipped the most advanced inspection equipment, can test and analyze according to customer’s need, customized high matched fabric product. Garment designing department, can improve the clothing design or original designing according to different area’s weather , custom, and customer’s specific requirement.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile company going the different way, we will let the China Creation going ahead.
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