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Look back March
2015-03-31 17:45  Clicks:

  Today is the last day of March , look back this month , our Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., ltd ‘s achievements climb constantly . American clients come factory to inspect goods and increase new orders ,then several domestic clients visit Yulong . and Hongkong clients visit company give big orders, although we are busy but feel rich all the way . 
  Remember beginning of new year , we feel crisis awareness of this year , so we have more motivation to move forward . Through only one month , we prove our efforts constantly. 
  Once we said , we should grab the chance all the new year , we should revise previous mistakes continuous , we need Innovate and improve ourselves ,we valid our words step by step !
  All the team’s efforts is obvious this month, but this is just the beginning. We just need continuous innovation, continuous improve, everyone will improve their quality, so our company will have continuous development . So in the following times, we will remember the words we said, and through the actual efforts to fulfill our promise!  
As a Yulong man, we always remember the company's corporate culture, to become the world first-class green security experts, makes the contribution for the humans good life!
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