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Mid-Autumn Day,Day of Reunion & Peace
2016-09-21 08:19  Clicks:
Mid-Autumn Day,Day of Reunion & Peace
As a Chinese traditional festival which is as important as the Spring festival,the Mid-autumn Day is coming.On mid-autumn day,all people come home to see their parents and relatives.The most important one of thousands of holiday wishes is peace.
Some people are still in their post while other people are with their family.They are still working for others’ security.They are traffic police,railway worker,staff of the airport.They are too busy to stay with their own family for protecting people.They wear the protective clothing as the last barrier while they are working with assiduity.
Generally the protective clothing for traffic police,railway worker and staff of the airport is high visibility workwear.The hi-vis workwear is used in night and other dark conditions to make people who wear it high visible and safe.
It is Xinxiang Yulong Textile who produce these hi-vis fabric&workwear.We mainly have 3 colors:hi-vis yellow,hi-vis orange and hi-vis red.We match the reflective tape on hi-vis workwear to protect people better.
After many years of producing,Yulong now thinks more about the comfort and beauty for users.Only after constant development,we will win more customers’ trust and contribute more for human beings’ protecting industry.
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