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Yulong Garment Factory Held Production Technology Competition
2017-01-13 08:23  Clicks:
Yulong Garment Factory Held Production Technology Competition
Last month, our yulong textile garment factory held a month of production and technology competition activities. While competing projects not only competing production technology workers' working speeds, more strict requirements for quality. At the beginning of the game, our workshop leader was emphasized; while demand speed must be strictly grasp the quality of the product, if clothing error rate is higher than 3%, the speed isn’t matter directly in last place.
After the match began, each team leader urged everyone to production speed, while for the sampling link communications in the process of production. The match our production 2 groups with zero error rates and the fastest completion won the first place.
Finally in our list of flame retardant coverall order the production process to achieve the zero error rate, and in consultation with the customer good delivery in advance on the basis of the five days to finish. But now the orders were already on their way to the customer!
We believe that our customers will be surprised when received this batch of orders to our high quality and fast speed!
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