The Textile Testing Method Difference Between GB and American Standard

2015-07-24 16:20 | writer: admin

The testing method and evaluating method of textile is different in every country. Usually the clients will indicate the standard of test method, GB is Chinese standard, ISO suits for Europe country, AATCC and ASTM use for American country, BS is for United Kingdom, AS is for Australia and New Zealand, DIN is for German, JIS is Japan, IWS suits for most countries, mainly for wool products, CAN is for Canada. Now the clients of us often request use American standard. Please check the below comparison.
Color fastness to Wahing:
As far as the test methods we selected of American standard A2 and GB method 2, the temperature of American standard is lower 1℃ than GB, the water volume is tripe of GB, the steel cup of American standard is 1200ml, but the GB is 550ml. The lining cloth is different, American standard uses 10# multiple fiber cloth, GB uses DW multiple fiber cloth. The size of testing sample is different, American standard uses 5*15cm, GB uses 4*10cm. The washing agent and dosage is different, American standard uses phosphate free washing agent, GB uses washing agent with phosphorus. In the American standard testing, add 50 pcs of steel balls to twist and rub, but there is no steel balls in GB testing. So these indicate that the same fabric, use two standards test will have different results, so we must choose the testing method before testing.
Color fastness to Rubbing:
Regard to the test machine, GB use motor automatically, American standard use handle, the results of dry rubbing don’t be have more difference, but for wet rubbing, GD requests contain water 100%, American standard requests contain water 65%, so the results will be a little different.
Color fastness to perspiration:
The operation of the two standards is almost conformity, the formula of perspiration liquid is different, the perspiration of American standard has a material of lactic acid, but GB do not have. And American standard only test the acid of perspiration, but the GB test the acid and alkali of perspiration. And there is some difference in time, American standard need press about 6 hours, GB requests press about 4 hours, so the test results of GB will be a little lower than AS.
The content of formaldehyde:
GB standard often use water extraction method, extract one hours, but American standard uses vapour phase extract 20 hours, so the result of it is more higher than GB.
PH value:
GB standard use 40℃ 100ml water extract 2g fabrics, the time is one hour, to test the PH value of water, but in American standard, is use 250ml water, 10g fabrics, hot water boiling for 10 minutes, to test the PH value of water, the two methods are difficult to reach a agree, can’t compare. 
GB adopts horizontal washing machine, American standard uses vertical washing machine, these are the two different operation machines, we can’t compare the difference of the testing results, different drying method also is the reason caused the big differences. So usually the clients must be indicate the test method and drying method.

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