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What is the requirement about the style and construction for acid resistant clothing?
2015-08-18 11:23  Clicks:

1, style
A, breathable acid resistant clothing.....used for mild acid polluted places, following is the suitable style:
a, suit( tight collar, tight cuffs, tight hem,trousers are straight canister)
b, unlined long gown
B, impermeability acid resistant clothing.......used for severe acid pollution places, next is the suitable style:
a, coverall( tight collar, tight cuff, tight bottom)
b, suit
c, apron
Remark: each part of the safety clothing should be strict, reasonable, avoid the acid and alkali intrusion.
2, construction
The construction of the protective clothing should consider the collocation with other protective equipment, for example, the sleeve and the protective glove, trousers and the protective shoot, the juncture should be strict, reasonable, avoid the acid and alkali intrusion. In addition, acid resistant clothing should not have the obvious pocket, but inside pocket is no problem.
Attachment should be easy to connect and take off, the material should be resistant to corrosion resistance.
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