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Which characteristics do the modacrylic flame retardant fabric have?
2015-09-16 11:04  Clicks:
The modacrylic flame retardant fabric is made of the flame retardant modified acrylic fiber. The flame retardant performance of the fabric will not reduced after many times washing. 
The fabric can pass the EN11612(EN531),EN11611(EN470-1),EN533,16CFR,NFPA2112,ASTM standard test by the MTL, TUV, SGS. 
The characteristics are as bellow, 
1. Good flame retardant performance
2. Arc proof 
3. Anti acid 
4. Anti metal filling splash
5. Anti welding spark 
6. Anti-static 
7. Visibility 
8. Comfortable and washable 
9. Wear-resisting property 
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