What is antistatic work wear?

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Generally, antistatic work wear is mainly generated from the working environment where it need to prevent the antistatic, specifically, it is the work wear having antistatic performance which is made from conductive material or insulating material, it can take the antistatic out of working through its special material, wipe out the dangerous from electrostatic discharging. Some job have strict request to working environment, clearly stated that it cannot have electrostatic, if having electrostatic will influence the product quality, this is minor matter, if it cause fire disaster even explosion , it will have thread to life safety which is more serious matter. However antistatic work wear comes out , it will be more helpful to solve the electrostatic disturb while working, prevent the electrostatic generate.
Which industry need antistatic work wear?
Colliery / oil / gas / instrument / chemical and such industry having antistatic requirement, and working environment having powder or easy explosion or easy flaming.
What should be noticed while wearing the antistatic clothing?
1、During wearing antistatic clothing, it needs to be matched with antistatic shoes.
2、After using antistatic clothing, it should be checked in time, if the performance lose efficacy, it cannot be used any more.
3、It cannot wearing any metal material on antistatic clothing. Such metal instrument should be put inside the antistatic clothing, forbidden exposure outside.
4、Forbidden to put on or put off the work clothing on electrostatic sensitive product site.( should in specified changing room)  work clothing ‘s button should all buckled up, better not let the clothing on loosen status.
5、Please buy the antistatic work wear from regular factory, and before using it, we should test the work wear quality, to make sure no risk at all.
Antistatic work clothing proceed standard
Antistatic work wear style is accordance with national standard GB12014-2009, the feature is :”three tight style”(collar tight/ cuff tight/ sweep tight) upper, bottoms is straight leg pants; coverall clothing. Generally clothing is not using metal auxiliary material, if it really needed, it’s surface should add some shelter, metal auxiliary material cannot be exposure outside directly.

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