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What are The Requirements for Different Grades of Flame Retardant Protective Clothing?
2017-04-18 18:03  Clicks:
flame retardant protective clothing
Flame-retardant protective clothing was divided into A, B, C levels.
Class A was intended for the fire-resistant clothing that used in the working area where the user was exposed to open flames, sparks, and radiant heat and convection heat in the operation of the molten metal accessory. Thermal protection coefficient for A-grade flame-retardant protective clothing: skin direct contact: ≥126 TPP / (kW • s / m²), gap between skin and clothing: ≥250, washing times 50 times, After flame time ≤ 2 S, After glow time ≤ 2 S, damage length ≤ 50 mm, no melt dripping.
Class B was intended for fire-resistant clothing where the user is engaged in a fire, sparks, flammable material, and fire hazard. B grade flame retardant protective clothing for the number of washing 50 times, continued burning time ≤ 2 S, smoldering time ≤ 2 S, damage length ≤ 100 mm, no melt dripping.  
Class C is suitable for temporary, not long time use of the user engaged in flammable substances and fire hazards place to wear fire-retardant clothing. C-class flame retardant protective clothing for the number of washing 12 times, continued burning time ≤ 5 S, smoldering time ≤ 5 S, damage length ≤ 150 mm, no melt dripping.
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