What are The Performance Advantage of Inherently Flame Retardant Aramid Fabric?

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inherently flame retardant aramid fabric
At present, the working environment of the first-line workers of many enterprises is bad, and the occupational hazards are many and varied, which can cause electric shock accidents. The most direct way to avoid these hazards is to wear flame retardant overalls. Let the flame retardant working clothes become the guardian of the worker's life and safety.
Fire retardant overalls in individual protective equipment is one of the most widely used varieties, flame retardant coveralls protection principle mainly by heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbide segregation, such as shielding effect, to protect workers from open flame or heat damage.
At present, the high-end flame retardant coveralls are made with inherently flame retardant aramid fabric. Today, we are going to look at the advantages of the inherently flame retardant aramid fabric.
1. Permanent heat-resistant flame retardation, limit oxygen index Loi is greater than 28;
2. Permanent antistatic property;
3. Erosion of permanent acid and alkali and organic solvents;
4. High strength, high abrasion resistance and high tensile tear resistance;
5. No molten droplets are produced, no toxic gases are produced;
6. The surface of the cloth is thickened when the fire is on fire.
Inherently flame retardant aramid fabric is the flame retardant fabric produced by Yulong company according to European standard and American standard. The fabric has permanent flame retardant performance and antistatic property, and its flame retardant performance is excellent.
Inherently flame retardant aramid fabric is permeable, comfortable and soft, and it is not toxic and tasteless. The protective clothing made of this fabric is high temperature resistant and is suitable for high temperature and fire hazard working environment. This aramid flame retardant fabric is widely used in power industry, petrochemical industry, laboratory and other industries.

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