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Safety Anti UV Finishing Products

2015-10-09 08:35 | writer: admin

1 Anti UV Effect
The UV shielding rate is the current domestic product differentiation of anti UV effect quality standard. Class A: UV shielding rate of more than 90%; the B level: UV shielding rate of more than 80%; the C level: UV shielding rate of more than 50%. The general should the A-class is appropriate. Shielding rate is in 280 ~ 400nm wavelength range rate obtained through integral value.
Australia and New Zealand for UV protection more attention. They had set up anti UV finishing test standard and evaluation of fabric method. In 1996, UPF has been used to represent the value of UV shielding clothes. It is necessary for our country basis with reference to the relevant international and foreign standards, the formulation of corresponding standards, in order to conform with international, favorable product export.
2 Safety of Anti UV Finishing Products
Because of anti UV finishing of fabric to make summer clothing as much, so will be in direct contact with the human skin. So it is necessary to strengthen the anti ultraviolet finishing agent for the skin allergy test, acute toxicity test and teratogenicity test and a series of safety detection. To ensure that the products of human security, friendly to environment.

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