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Formaldehyde in textiles limited
2015-10-12 09:42  Clicks:

On fabric or garment, trace formaldehyde mainly comes from the free formaldehyde in AIDS and additives produced by the decomposition of formaldehyde that is mainly because the additives in the production of synthesis, the reaction could not very completely, additives in the presence of free formaldehyde is inevitable the formaldehyde adsorption on the surface of the fabric, the American association of textile and garment, according to a study on the fabric can adsorb formaldehyde content is very high, on the other hand, in the process of finishing, some additives on the fabric reaction can also produce and release of formaldehyde, or in the sunlight, perspiration, and under the action of temperature, fabric (especially for skin contact with clothing more armpit is Qian and friction) easy to release formaldehyde As people increasingly strengthen environmental protection consciousness, the German "method of consumer goods, the European" oeko-tex 100 "successively from the Angle of environmental protection of the formaldehyde in textiles and garment limited made strict rules. In order to protect consumers from or reduce the harm of formaldehyde.
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