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Classification of Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric Dyeing

2015-10-28 08:46 | writer: admin

Dyed cotton flame retardant fabric using the following two methods to classify:
A. By the use of different dyes
1. reactive dye, which is currently the most commonly used dyes, conform to the requirements of environmental protection, good color fastness;
2. direct dyes, the dyes are mostly from natural plants, sun fastness;
3. vat dyes, also known as indanthrene dyes or indanthrene dyes, with high color fastness, resistance to photobleaching, used for dyeing hotel bedding and hospital work clothes fabrics, dyeing cost than to high activity staining.
B. According to the use of different dyeing method
1. dyeing, we usually call for VAT, is fabric flat webs in two reel back and forth between the rotation, absorption of the fabric dye in dye vat, reactive dyes and direct dyes are used in this method. This machine covers an area of small, equipment is relatively cheap, but the efficiency is not high. In three thousand meters of VAT as an example, activity staining 24 hours generally yield is nine kilometers;
2. pad dyeing, we call for open width continuous pad dyeing. Fabric absorption dye in dye groove was rapidly by squeezing the upper and lower two rolls, after curing fixation, and then by the integration process of washing and drying, the efficiency is greatly improved, hourly output of 1200 meters to 3000 meters. This machine covers an area of large, it actually is a combination of padder dyeing machine, dryer and washing machine, dyeing dyeing cost ratio to be high, the relative waste dye.

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