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Cotton Anti-UV Fabric
2015-12-31 10:14  Clicks:
Cotton anti UV fabric anti ultraviolet technology application the latest nano, by ordinary fabrics by the latest anti ultraviolet finishing processing into finished products, shielding rate greater than 95%, UPF50+, can effectively prevent the ultraviolet harm to human body, and is non-toxic, no stimulation, the washing fastness, this product is non-toxic, safe to human body. No stimulation to the skin, no allergic reaction, good moisture absorption and permeability. The application area of the products has been extended from the sun umbrella to sun hat, clothing, curtains, tent, outdoor work clothes, clothing and other large areas of the plateau.
1. UV shielding rate is high;
2. Non-toxic, no stimulation, no allergy;
3. Washing, after washing 50 times, the value of UPF is still as high as;
4. Good absorbency and permeability, good color fastness;
5. Suitable for AS/NZS4399:1996, GB/T18830-2009, EN13758-1, AATCC183-2004 and other standards.
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