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Kinds of Knitting Fabric
2016-03-30 08:35  Clicks:
Knitting fabric is divided into warp knitted fabrics and weft knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabric with polyester, polyamide, vinylon, polypropylene and other synthetic fiber filament as raw materials, also use cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and its blended yarn as raw material. It has good longitudinal dimension stability, fabric is stiff and smooth, small raveling property, not curling, good permeability,etc. But its horizontal extension, elasticity and softness is not as good as weft knitted fabric. Mainly include polyester warp knitted fabric, warp knitted napped fabric, warp knitted mesh fabric, warp knitted velvet fabrics, warp knitted terry fabric,etc.
Weft knitted fabrics with low elastic polyester silk or profiled polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn as raw material, adopts plain stitch, modified plain stitch, rib plain stitch, interlock plain stitch, jacquard stitch, plush stitch, etc.,knitted in a variety of weft knitting machine. Its variety is more, generally have good flexibility and extensibility, fabric is soft, fastness and wrinkle resistance, wool touch is stronger, easy to wash and quick drying. But its hygroscopicity is poor, fabric is not enough stiff, and easy to ravel, lapel, man-made fabric is easy to fuzzing,pilling, snag.
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