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Inspection Examination and Classification of Textile and Garment
2016-11-14 08:43  Clicks:
1. According to different product exporter:
a) AATCC, ASTM --- American Countries
b) AS --- Australia and New Zealand
c) BS --- England
d) CAN/CGSB --- Canada
e) DIN --- Germany
f) EN --- European countries
g) FTM, US CPSC --- America
h) GB, FZ --- China
i) ISO --- European countries
j) JIS --- Japan
k) NF --- France
l) SATRA --- Most countries in the world (The joint trade association for Shoes)
m) US CPSC --- America
2. According to different test item:
a) Shrink Test
b) Mechanical Properties Testing
c) Color Fastness Test
d) Chemical Properties Testing
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