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International Textile-Related Anti-Bacterial Standard Summary
2017-01-18 10:10  Clicks:
anti-bacterial fabric
Recently, the expert in each country ‘s anti-bacterial filed have made a great explosion, and in some extent, make a great development on anti-bacterial industry, and also define relative standard. Below we will introduce textile-related anti-bacterial international ISO standard:
ISO 18184-2014  Textile-textile product antiviral determination
ISO 13629-2-2014  Textile antifungal test standard part 2 plate method
ISO 13629-1-2012  Textile antifungal activity determination part 1 fluorescence method 
ISO 20743-2007  anti-bacterial treatment textile’s anti-bacterial property determination
ISO 20645-2004  Textile-anti-bacterial activity determination disc-anger diffusion technique
ISO 11721-2:2003  Textile-fiber textile anti-bacterial determination soil burial testing part 2 antiseptic treatment long-term effectiveness
ISO 11721-1:2001  Textile  fiber textile anti-bacterial determination  soil burial testing part 1: antiseptic treatment determination
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