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The Main Features of Thermal Protection Aramid Fire Retardant Fiber
2017-01-22 10:13  Clicks:
protection aramid fire retardant fabric
As the fire retardant fiber, the main features of aramid fibre are safety, functionality and comfort. From safety aspect, this fiber can form the integration of protection, and it has nature flame retardant features which belongs to the inherent flame retardant. Aramid fiber belongs to environmental protection fiber, and this kind of flame retardant material will not eliminate by washing or rubbing.
From the function aspect, it can protect the wearer from burning. As we know, the workers who work on high risk jobs need wear the special protective clothing, if the skin has over 15% of burning, it can be fatal. Thermal protection aramid flame retardant fiber protects skin from thermal burning by a incorporated flame retardant medium. This point is different from other high-performance flame retardant fiber.
From comfort aspect, the breathability, hygroscopicity and affinity of thermal protection aramid flame retardant fiber is well, and those aspects are all the very important parts for a good flame retardant protective clothing.
The main flame retardant products of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. are aramid 1313, aramid 1414 and aramid IIIA, etc.

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