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Introduction for The Most Popular Fire Retardant Fabrics
2017-11-13 17:32  Clicks:
aramid fire retardant fabric
With the fire retardant fabric popularization and application area grows, people are increasingly familiar with the fire retardant fabric, many new customers come here to consult fire retardant fabric and related products. Today we will introduce you several most popular fire retardant fabrics.
The most popular fire retardant fabrics produced by Yulong Textile are 100% cotton fire retardant fabric, cotton/nylon fire retardant fabric, aramid fire retardant fabric and fire retardant anti static fabric. Following mainly introduce 100% cotton fire retardant fabric and aramid fabric these two styles fire retardant fabric.
The quality of 100% cotton fire retardant fabric is good quality and the technology is mature, the material is not too expensive. It has soft hand feeling, big strength, good fire retardant property. 100% cotton fire retardant fabric is widely used in fire fighting, racing suits, military uniforms, aviation, petrochemical and power industries fire retardant garments. 100% cotton fire retardant fabric has a high cost performance, particularly suitable for making various fire retardant fabrics and fire retardant garment fabric. So currently one of the best selling fire retardant fabric is 100% cotton fire retardant fabric.
Aramid fire retardant fabric has extremely excellent fire retardant performance, arc proof performance, chemical resistance performance, thermal protection performance, wear-resisting and tear resistance property. The protective garment made of this fabric is non-burning case of fire, no droplet, no shrinkage, no smoke, especially in the sudden encounter 900-1500 ℃ high temperature, the fabric will quickly carbonize and thickening. Aramid fire retardant fabric is made of fiber fire retardant principle, as aramid fire retardant fabrics are flame retardant fabric belongs to high-end product in fire retardant fabrics, only the high requirements work areas will prepare these aramid protective workwear for workers, most industries still use conventional 100% cotton fire retardant fabric.
When choosing fire retardant fabric, the client can choose it in accordance with their requirements
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