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Yulong Textile two days travel

2015-06-18 18:21 | writer: admin

June is just warmest and suitable season in one year , and is great for drifting as well. Xinxiang Yulong textile company have became more powerful and strengthful ,at the meantime ,they also value their staffs part-time life. To enjoy the nature, and also to increase our colleagues affection, and enhance company’s adhesive force and centripetal force, Yulong company organized 2 day’s tour in Muzhaling during 13th and 14th June.
6 AM of 13th June, a little light of the sky, the wind still kept one cool feel from last night, the air is fresh and nice ,all staffs is ready to go. From urban to mountain, every person’s feeling is changed along with the change of road view, and their emotion are getting more and more relax. Near to noon, we all get there, our destination Muzhaling .after a little break, we get to one program –drift. 4 person a boat, the boat is drift in high speed , just like roller coaster in the sea wave, rolling and flying between the mountain top and valley, made us dizzy and lose our soul, and at one time stopped, the boat steadily got into one clear pond, and also got into quiet, but the screaming was like still on our ears. Two hours and a half ‘s drift was quickly ended from nervouse and exciting. After dinner, it just happens to fire party in Muzhaling, everybody’s singing and dancing , which give us a beautiful and happy night.
The morning on the second day, we simply start our new journey—climb the mountain Muzhaling . sitting on the bus ,which circling on the mountain top with crying frequently, we appreciated the driver’s skill on one hand, on the other hand, we still didn’t forget to enjoy the great view outside the window , and deeply signed the most beautiful thing in the nature. In the mountain , we feel another cool and fresh feeling ,which you will never know in the urban, the green mountain and the clear stream, along with unceasing laughing and talking , in this way , 2 day’s tour was quickly ended.
2 days , we each other were getting more harmonious, and more united. Even though it’s very tired for all of us, we feel more joyful .  we enjoy the journey like this , and enjoy the closeness between colleagues ,just like friends, we are grateful not only for professional education Yulong gives us, but also for so many human loving care Yulong gives.By the precipitation of time,we believe in that we will work together better and better,Yulong Textile will constantly develop and grow in this atmosphere!

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