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Self-designed and produced protective clothing from Yulong

2015-07-02 14:50 | writer: admin

  This time we introduce the protective clothing , which designed by our professional designer from Xinxiang Yulong textile co.,  this product’s inspiration comes from our multi-year’ s experience and the characteristic of our Xinxiang ‘s local climate, and combined with human engineering theory , it’s also an innovation we made in the multi-functional clothing field . Below we will introduce this rearranged clothing and explain how to use:
1.Function of clothing
  This clothing is especially for winter wearing. Effected by cold weave, the climate phenomenon of winter is almost snowing along with piercing cold wind, so the function of wind-proof and water-proof is important to the winter clothing . The fabric of this product is added the function of waterproof and windproof , filling with silk-liked cotton in the lining, which have the best bulkiness performance, not only it has the character of light weight , but also it’s better to resist the cold air outside human body.
   The cap can be assembled by three part, the middle one can be the windproof collar of this clothing , the left one and the right one can be separately fixed on the chest of clothing to enhance the capability of warm. This gives the effect of one clothing two wearing method.  
2.Assembling step:
①Take out the cap from clothing and split it into three part,
②Use the zipper from the middle part of the cap , assembled on the collar , then it will be the windproof collar. The left and right of the cap can be put on the interbed of the chest of clothing ,  in which can match the zipper already in the interbed . (PS: put the cap surface of lozenge pattern up , the arch of the cap edge is just matched with the arch of front sleeves,that’s the correct assembling method)
③After assembling , clap the clothing to make it more fluffy. In this way , this clothing is totally rearranged .
   This clothing is not only fulfilled different people with different preference, but also it can fit for different sudden weather , to make you face all kind of situation leisurely. 

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