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Original designed fashionable flame retardant coverall

2015-07-09 18:18 | writer: admin

  Xinxiang Yulong textile company always put band innovation on the top place of company’s development, our company recently transform step by step from “China made” to “China created”. Therefore our research and development team also push out new product continuously, this coverall is designed by our professional clothing design team, the big bright point is , meanwhile without affect original functional of suit , make some detail promotion , so that the workwear became more fashionable.
  This coverall used the 100% cotton FR fabric by our company produced , which has the characteristic of good breathability, soft touch sense, suitable wear . Our company produced cotton FR material with less than 75 PPM formaldehyde, non-toxic & non-smell , green safe and eco-friendly, can truly be non-risk for human body. The cap of this coverall is foldable. Put the cap folded in the collar , the collar will be more straight, make wearer looks more spirited and cool .
  This suit ‘s breast pocket no longer use previous sticked pocket, but use organ pocket, at the moment of enhancing the gradate sense of suit , also increasing the capable space of breast pocket. Upon the breast pocket ,it’s reflective tape from previous one direction long tape , changing to current mosaic style dislocated joint, increasing the reflective area of reflective tape in sight sense, also make the suit looks not so boring and stiffness .the place of reflective tape for arm and shank was cut inside piece, just kept the most easily seeing part of outside piece. In this way , not only save the cost , also not affect the warning effect of reflective tape. Such a coverall will make you wear and showing outstanding wherever in any circumstance.
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