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How to produce high quality products

2015-07-25 09:26 | writer: admin

  Do you want to know how to produce high quality products from Xinxiang Yulong Textile co.,? today we will introduce to you simply.
  Our company have product quality test center, we also bringing in new test equipment continuously. Firstly we do is sampling analysis the garment or fabric which are sent by customer, after getting the product parameter details, we will arrange the production according to customer’s need.
  We will purchase the greige cloth to our fabric factory from the golden supplier which have long term good cooperation with us. Our company ;s fabric factory existing two pad dyeing production line, two after treatment line, and fifteen dye vat. For fabric examine, we not only have first examine and final examine, we also set middle examine on the production process , to control defective products bring in next process.   
  Our Xinxiang Yulong Textile co. not only can make sure the fabric quality , also can totally produce fabric in production line.
  Fabric after processing then rolling and loading.  If you need just special fabric, on this step we will contact distribution to load the goods in the faster and safer method to deliver to you. If you need garment, then this step just coming in the middle process.
  In our sampling apartment, our professional clothing produce team will revise the garment and make plate according to customers requirement. Completed clothing plate and fabric will send together to Yulong textile fabric factory, to making product processing. Yes, you didn’t see wrong, we are not only have fabric factory , also have clothing factory, really did the real fabric and garment one stop service manufacture.
  Our company’s clothing process depart with fabric examine, plate apartment, clothing process, after treatment process, packing these six department. We have more than 90 Expert skilled clothing sewing staff.
  Our Xinxiang Yulong textile company every time every moment will put “customer benefit “ on the first place, so on every process step , we will arrange expert examine staff to checking the product.
  In this way , a batch of high quality and suitable wearing ,newly style garment is completed under strictly production craft control.
  In the specific time, to provide good quality product and service to customer is commitment from our Xinxiang Yulong Textile company, and also is the core idea for our company development.

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