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Be responsible for each product

2015-07-30 15:26 | writer: admin

  Xinxiang Yulong textile consistently adhere to the enterprise’ management concept which is making the product to be fist and making guarantee with quality.Our export products is not only monitored strictly in the whole manufacturing process,but also sampling inspection before delivery.
  To guarantee the comprehensive and standard of product inspection,our test center is gradually expanding, continuous introducing advanced detecting instrument,and professional technician continuous learn new detection technology.The test center have spray rating tester,color measurement instrument,vertical flame retardant etc.Besides,the basic detecting instrument are well-equipped,for example dry and wet rubbing, PH tester,constant temperature humidity oven etc.
  Our Yulong textile company has well-equipped instrument and professional team,welcoming every customer with most sincere heart, and treating each product with strict attitude.

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