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Diligent staffs in Yulong

2015-08-22 15:54 | writer: admin

   In order to make the staff deeply learn the knowledge we have, Yulong textile always organize the staffs go to the factory to practical learning. I remembered when i went to the factory the first time, i was interested in everything of the factory, i was assigned to the ending process of the garment production.
   At the ending process of the garment production, the working is inspect the finished garments, cut the  thread ends, to ensure the garments clean and tidy. I felt the whole working is boring, but the workers all works so hard and seriously, i was confused and asked the reason,  till now i still remembered the worker’s answer, at that time he said that when you buy a coat, you see many thread ends and the button is loosed, how do you think about this? You must be think the clothing of this brand is so bad, you will never buy it again. Replace thinking, if our clients see this kinds of clothing, we will be lose the clients. So the inspection and finishing process looks so simple, but it’s very important, there is no small thing in garment production, we must have a heart of seriously and carefully.
   All staffs in Yulong Textile are working with such a heart every day, we hope to bring you enjoyable and satisfy when you get the products, we promise to offer you high quality service and products.

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