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A Variety of Functional Flame Retardant Workwear Become the Mainstream

2018-06-01 17:48 | writer: admin

Workwear helps to strengthen the cohesiveness of employees and enhances employees' sense of identity and belonging to the company. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, the demand for protective equipment has become more and more refined. Therefore, the flame retardant workwear with multiple protection functions gradually entered the people's field of vision and gradually replaced the traditional single-function flame retardant workwear. Composite fire retardant workwear with multiple functions is also becoming more and more widely used.
Workwear can be said to be one of the main protective barriers to ensure personnel safety. The quality of flame retardant workwear directly affects the safety of workers during construction. Therefore, it is very important to find suitable high-quality flame retardant workwear.
flame retardant workwear
The multi-function composite flame retardant workwear produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. can help you deal with multiple threats and bring you a safer protection experience. We all know that when the flame retardant workwear was ignited by an open flame, the flame-retardant fiber is rapidly carbonized, resulting in insufficient combustion conditions, which will greatly reduce the burning speed of the garment, achieving slow burning, no droplets; when the flame leave the flame retardant workwear, Smoldering can be stopped immediately to prevent the flame from causing secondary damage to the human body. However, our work is not only threatened by the flames. Arc radiation, static electricity, ultraviolet rays, corrosive chemical liquids, and other hazards will all exist more or less. Then what should we do to choose the flame retardant workwear which is suitable for ourselves
Do not worry, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various types of protective workwear and fabrics. The flame retardant workwear we produce will be elaborately designed according to the guests' needs and the work characteristics of the guests; we have launched high-quality composite flame retardant workwear products: flame retardant anti-static jackets, flame retardant waterproof bib pants, flame retardant Oil and water resistant coveralls, flame retardant and chemical resistant liquid suits.

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