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The Aramid FR Clothing Which can Stop The Combustion by Itself

2018-06-22 17:15 | writer: admin

Fire is the phenomenon of light and heat emitted by object when it burns, the high temperature may burns our skins, therefore, when engaged in petroleum, chemical, smelting, etc., which are likely to be subjected to a fire hazard, the fr clothing with protective measure is essential. High quality fr clothing refers that the fabric burns at a low speed and quickly carbonization, so that no melt drips and holes are created, thereby reducing the hazard of skin and fabric adhesion; And the fire can be quickly stopped after leaving the open flame, which can  avoid secondary damage to the human body; The high quality fr clothing has good breaking strength and high tearing strength, such good physical property is an important factors to ensure the durability of tooling.
aramid fr clothing
Anyone who has been engaged in the production of fr clothing will know that it has always been a problem for this industry to prolong the duration of high temperature resistance and reduce fabric self-ignition.
Aramid fr clothing is one of this high quality flame retardant garment that can stop spontaneous combustion. Aramid is permanent flame retardant fiber. Through the experiment, the aramid fr clothing can be used in 200 ℃ environment long time, also won't appear in the 400 ℃ environment melting drops and secondary phenomenon, until 800 ℃. Because of the high temperature resistance, flame retardant and non - melting properties, the aramid fr clothing is undoubtedly superior to other flame retardant work clothing. The ararmid IIIA fr clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong textile Co. Ltd is made by 93% aramid 1313, 5% aramid 1414 and 2% carbon fiber, so it has better anti static performance besides good fr performance.
The soft touch allows you to put on and no desire of take off, therefore this aramid fr clothing is deeply loved by customers and welcome to order.
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