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Autumn is approaching UV protection can not be overlooked

2015-08-28 14:49 | writer: admin

  Summer is coming to an end, many people are becoming slack for UV protection, but according to research, compared with the spring and summer,ultraviolet radiation of autumn will be more harmful for human body. UV is divided into short, medium and long wave.medium is called UVB, will make the skin becomes dry, accelerated skin aging,when it is serious,it even cause skin cancer occurrence. On a clear autumn air, moisture and dust content will be lower, the clouds thin, so direct exposure to UVB will strengthen, causing damage to the human body will be greater. So sunscreen of autumn is very important.
  Anti-UV fabric and protective clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd can shield ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB have a good absorption, UPF value of UV fabrics that we produced can reach 50+, after washing 50 times, the UPF value still meet testing standards. In the detection mechanism detects Australia and other countries,our products meet international higher UV levels. UV fabric has good UV shielding, can well protect the body from UV rays.
  We have more than ten years of experience in the production of special fabrics, we have a professional product inspection and testing R & D center, equipped with professional R & D staff to ensure that every product we produced are to undergo a rigorous screening test, have reached international required standard. More than ten years, we continue to develop new products and continuously improve the production process, and continuously improve product quality, and constantly optimize the quality of service. We believe that only by constantly improve themselves, will have a broader space for development!
  Choose us, not only high quality products you get,but also better service and more more security!

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