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Strict inside, get reputation outside

2015-08-29 18:24 | writer: admin

    In accordance to the production mentality of “strict inside, get reputation outside ”, Xinxiang Yulong Textile requires to control the quality strictly in every production process. 
    After we got the order, we arrange the production plan first, from when our QC department will spot check at any time in the production plant. Checking the greige, pretreatment, dyed, after finished, garment model making, sewing, after finished, etc. Every QC of QC department is strict to every details and to get the reputation of customers.
    We Xinxiang Yulong Textile insist the product first and quality as guarantee. To our company, QC department is not only the inspecter of the product quality, but also the defender of the company reputation. They are preciseness and meticulous who are the role model of us.

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