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Xinxiang Yulong Textile Holds Fun Outdoor Sports Competition

2018-11-29 16:58 | writer: admin

To ease the pressure on our Yulong textile staff and to further enhance our team cohesion, we hosted outdoor sports competitions this week, including fishing, rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking.
Fishing is an activity that exercises patience and observation. Through fishing competition, we can see the personality characteristics of the participating staff. For example, some employees get up before sitting down for a few minutes, sit down again in a few minutes, and put the rod down several times in just 10 minutes, we can imagine that the impatient staff like this won't catch fish in the end. And only those who can sit calmly and watch the water drift quietly can catch fish. Through this fishing activity, let everyone understand that the mentality of work is the same as fishing, don't worry when meet things, think more, so that we can get the job done better.
Skipping rope and kicking shuttlecock are competing the skill and stamina of the staff. Some employees jump very fast in the first ten seconds of rope skipping ,soon afterwards the speed comes down. Kicking shuttlecock needs more skill, some staff can’t control the strength, kick the shuttlecock out quickly.
Through this fun outdoor sports competition, some employees see their own shortcomings, and make everyone see the importance of teamwork, not only exercise our body, but also improve our overall pattern.

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