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How do companies choose the right workwear?

2018-12-18 15:46 | writer: admin

How do companies choose the right workwear?
When the work clothes gradually become the logo of a company, when we are purchasing work clothes, we have more eyes wide open, and we can distinguish and choose a set of work clothes that conform to the corporate culture and the employees are comfortable to wear!
When we put the good and bad of the overalls, it represents the corporate image of a company. Then, for some special industries, the quality of customized work clothes can even be linked to the safety of employees. Therefore, when choosing a work clothes, the company must pay attention to it. Choosing a good work clothes is a free one for the company. Promotional event slogan! So how do you choose the right overalls?

1, look at the appearance
When purchasing, check the symmetry of each part of the product, the stitching is smooth, horizontal and vertical, and there should be no wrinkling. For example, the width of the two shoulders, the length of the two sleeves (or the length of the pants), the ribs of the cloth should be consistent, and the brilliance The color of the upper main material should be the same. For the careful inspection of the seam, there is a needle hole. Because the knitwear has strong dispersibility, once the needle hole is flashed, it will quickly form a hole and affect the operation of the product.
2, look at the fabric
The basic work clothes are made of pure cotton and polyester-cotton. The polyester-cotton has a thicker feel and is also very soft, and the price is relatively cheap. Needless to say, the benefits of pure cotton are comfortable, soft and breathable. The veil is divided into general yarn, semi-finished yarn and fine yarn. The general appearance of the general yarn fabric will be rough, and the dark fabric will have white yarn points. The fabric of the fine yarn is very clean and tidy, and the hand feel is very soft. The choice of overalls fabrics must be noted, environmental health is the primary problem, environmentally friendly and healthy fabrics do not harm the body and protect the body.
3, smell the smell
Muzi searched the data and learned that the national standard stipulates that one or more of the musty smell, high boiling oil smell, fishy smell and aromatic hydrocarbon smell may be present. Therefore, when consumers purchase work clothes, they can open the package and carefully smell whether the product has the above odor. If so, declare that the product is a divergent product.
However, Muzi said the truth, the development of professional clothing depends on the accumulation of culture, from the brand image, uniform style, store decoration, to the details of the neckline cuffs, only the integration of a unique culture, and deep penetration, can only In the professional clothing industry, we have established a foothold and a stable foothold.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile focuses on flame retardant fabrics, arc-proof fabrics, fluorescent fabrics, anti-static fabrics, Teflon three-proof fabrics, flame-retardant aramids and other functional garments and general workwear for many years, and various details such as clothing styles and colors. Dyeing can be done according to the customer's sample requirements.
Yulong people take "building a century-old safety protection enterprise" as the company's goal and "Your safety, our responsibility" as the core concept. Products sell well in Europe and America for many years, the quality is trustworthy! . Quality service hotline: 0373-3037877, or send an email to yulong@ylworkwear.com

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