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Interpretation Of The 2018 Sino-American Symposia About Standards and Certification of the Personal Protective Equipments

2019-01-18 17:00 | writer: admin

The 2018 Sino-American symposia about standard and certification of the personal protective equipments was held in shanghai on December 4th, this meeting discussed the development trend of personal protective equipment market, interpretation of American NFPA standard and the introduction of UL Authentication Service.
At the meeting, the China Labor Protection Products Alliance and the US UL certification body has signed a memorandum of cooperation, the two departments cooperated the “Authentication Mutual Recognition and Standard Interoperability” on the personal protective equipment (PPE), which will greatly bring benefits to our flame retardant fabrics and other multifunctional protection fabrics.
It can save the cost of repeated detection of flame retardant fabrics on inspecting aspect, the tested certification also can be used for multiple testing standards and countries. For those of us who produce flame retardant fabrics and protective clothing, the cooperation of certification and mutual recognition between the two departments will give us more export opportunities in PPE industry, and be able to go abroad to reach international integration, which will provide us with some real opportunities. 
We hope that our flame retardant fabrics, other multi-functional protective fabrics and clothing can take this lucky train and head towards our better goals.

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