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Xinran Garment Factory the Subsidiary of Yulong Textile Accepted the Inspection of ISO9001

2019-04-19 09:14 | writer: admin

  In order to increase the production and get more orders and serve more customers, Xinran garment factory, the subsidiary of Yulong textile, was inspected and verified by two inspectors from ISO9001.
  Two inspectors were conscientious and responsible. They came to garment factory before 8 am in the early morning. They took photos for the factory, equipment, our staffs and process flows and then went to the meeting room for totally inspections. First, they inspected the authentication data, qualification audit of enterprises, design, purchase, production supply, quality planning, document control, record control, management review, specific training, responsibility and authority, communication, customer-related identification and traceability, facilities and environment and so on. They also inspected and asked about rationality of management framework, standardization and control of management system for quality of processes and the calibration and accuracy of Instruments. After two days’ factory inspection and data audit, we passed the preliminary inspection because of our informative data and regular management.  
  ISO certification is used to confirm that the factory has the ability to satisfy the customers’ needs and add the satisfaction of the customers. A factory with certification of ISO9001 is able to provide acceptable products stably, which could satisfy our customer without inductions.  
  Hope we can pass the 9001 certification as soon as possible and make better qualified products which serve more consumers.

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