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Yulong Textile Organized Staff To Have A Two-Day Tour of Taierzhuang, Weishan Lake

2019-07-18 16:24 | writer: admin

        Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. organized all administrative staff to have a two-day tour of Taierzhuang, Weishan Lake on July 13, July 14. Taierzhuang locates in Zaozhuang, Shandong, which is the center of the grand canal from Beijing to Hangzhou, having the name of “The best village in the world”. The ancient city covers two square kilometers, which is the biggest ancient city in China, the national 5A tourist attraction.  

        In the early morning of July 13, the staff of the company came to the assembling place. After 6 hours of driving, we arrived at Taierzhuang, then we began our first-day tour. The first visited site was the Memorial Hall of Taierzhuang War, this hall is built for memorizing the famous Taierzhuang war in the initial stage of Anti-Japanese War. We seriously listened to the commentator to tell the history of Anti-Japanese War. With a feeling of admiration, we watched monuments exhibited in the hall and videos, received a profound patriotic education. Later, we came to the ancient city of Taierzhuang, we took a group photo under the board of “ The purple air comes from the east” outside the attraction gate. After we came into the ancient city, we deeply attracted by all kinds of antique buildings. Bluestone road, black-awning boat, fossil river course, old wharf, as if, all these things brought us back to the period of Ming and Qing Dynasty, the flourishing period of the grand canal from Beijing to Hangzhou. After a while, The ancient city lighted up the night light, Taierzhuang covered by the night light is beautiful and mysterious, attracted people to explore it.  
On the second day, we took the bus to come to Weishan Lake, national wetland park. Weishan Lake is connected with Zhaoyang Lake, Dushan Lake and Nanyang Lake, all these four lakes are generally called as “Four South Lakes”, which is one of national 10 biggest freshwater lake. The scene of Weishan Lake is magnificent and beautiful, the boundless, clear water shocked us, the lake breeze made our annoyance totally disappear. Then, we came to a small island called “Xiaolizhuang”, the live-action of the base area of Railway Guerrillas is set on this island, in order to memorizing the great achievements of Railway Guerrillas. After the short visit of “Xiaolizhuang”, we went back and finished our tour in Weishan Lake.
After two-day tour, our body and mind have been greatly relaxed, at the same time, we experienced the red spirit of the people during Anti-Japanese War, which also inspires us to work hard. We believe that under the leadership of the company leader, Yulong must have a bright future. 

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