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The Model of Yulong Textile Shoot A Batch of New Work Suits

2019-09-24 10:57 | writer: admin

With the increasingly fierce competition in the field of safety protection clothing, the requirements for our clothing manufacturers are becoming higher and higher. Only when we constantly improve our own ability and better meet the needs of customers, we can continue to expand the scale of our enterprise. Based on this, we have recently upgraded the production equipment of the clothing factory, strictly checked the quality of clothing production, and set more requirements on the style design of clothings. Recently, we updated some styles of clothing which are welcomed by our customers, newly designed a batch of practical and fashionable work suits.  
As we know, the work suits designed by many companies are old and outmoded, which can only meet the basic requirements of safety protection, but cannot be fashionable, wearers cannot enjoy wearing them in daily life besides work. For this vacancy, we yulong textile constantly designed new workwears which can meet more requirements.
A few days ago, we invited our special model to come to the clothing factory to shoot new clothes. Our models have photographed a batch of clothes before. At that time, our main style was the coverall, which is more common in Europe and America. This style has an irreplaceable position in the field of safety protection. Compared with the upper and lower split work clothes, the coverall has the advantages of convenient wearing and taking off as well as safety, which is the last line of defense to protect the personal safety of workers in many fields. This time, we need to get the model to show more of our work suits. As the jacket and trousers are separately worn, we can match them freely. Under the premise that the safety protection function is not affected, the wearer is given more freedom to choose, and the perfect combination of safety protection and novelty and fashion can be better realized.  
On the day of shooting, we prepared more than 20 pieces of clothes for the models.. Depend on the professional qualities of the models, we soon completed the shooting task on that day. When we watched the shooting effect, we were also amazed at the display effect of our clothes under the wearing of models, and the models also praised our newly designed clothes.
In fact, most of clothing produced by us is customized according to customer’s needs, this requests us to have perfect design capability, in order to satisfy the demands of different styles, this also prompted the development of our clothing styles, so that the overall design and production capacity of our clothing can reach new heights. We believe that as long as we keep learning, improving, innovating and creating value for customers, our development will not stop!

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