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Return of Canton Fair, Yulong Textile is Busy Communicating with Customers

2019-11-12 10:17 | writer: admin

The 126th Canton Fair was successfully concluded on the Canton Fair on November 4th, and our business manager was returned with full load. As we all know, in the field of protective fabrics and protective clothing, because factory direct sales have certain requirements for the order quantity, most of the customers we faced are buyers who are very familiar with the products, and this determines that each order is a large amount. Therefore, compared with the FMCG industry, the direct purpose of our participation in the Canton Fair is to broaden our brand influence and let more buyers know about our company and our city. Participating in the Canton Fair, we also confirmed a lot of such buyers, they have a wealth of procurement experience, and the level of understanding of the product is very high, which also increases the depth of our communication.
Return of Canton Fair, Yulong Textile is Busy Communicating with Customers
In the process of communication with the purchaser, we found that many customers have high demand for raw material flame retardant fabrics, such as aramid IIIIA fabric, denatured acrylic cotton fabric, and aramid viscose blended fabric. One of the customers in Central Europe made it clear that he came to the Canton Fair to find the right Chinese supplier, the next batch of 8000 meters of aramid IIIA metal conductive oil-resistant and water-repellent fabrics. This aramid fabric combines a variety of functions. In addition to its permanent flame retardant and arc-proof function, it also has permanent anti-static function and oil and water repellent function, which is the star new product of our exhibition. In the process of communicating with customers, we learned that aramid fabrics and their flame retardant fabrics blended with other fibers are very popular. After knowing that we are one of the largest exporters of aramid fabrics in China, our customers asked more details about product quality.
After returning from the Canton Fair, our business managers are constantly following up on the detailed information of each buyer. The Central European customer has also reached a preliminary cooperation intention with us. Since the details of the fabric are very trivial, it is still in the stage of confirming the yarn weaving, density, distribution ratio, color and other parameters of the fabric. After that, large color samples will be arranged, and the contract will be signed and the production will be arranged.
We know that behind every order is a layer of screening, we are screening the right buyers, and buyers are also screening quality suppliers. From the moment we establish contact with our customers, to signing contracts, arranging production, and finally delivering on schedule, we must ensure that we have close contact with our customers and communicate with us at all times. The completion of each order is full of the cooperation of buyers and us.
Whether it is a buyer who has met through a traditional offline exhibition or a domestic and overseas buyer who is connected through an emerging e-commerce channel, we always keep our mind and always create value for our customers as our responsibility!

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