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Yulong Textile Successfully Hosted the Winter Games

2019-12-10 10:56 | writer: admin

In order to strengthen the internal cohesion of the company, enhance the working friendship between colleagues, and enrich the spare time of employees, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. held an interesting sports meeting on December 4, 2019.
This game is especially about the square dance competition. In recent years, a square dance wind has been blowing, and this wind has also blown to Yulong Textile's production factory. During work breaks, employees dancing a few minutes of square dance can not only mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for work, but also promote national fitness and enrich the cultural life of the company's employees.
Yulong Textile Successfully Hosted the Winter Games
The Games set up three events of the square dance team competition, tug of war and rope skipping competition. The square dance is mainly composed of the sewing group and the back-packing group, divided into two camps to compete. Through on-site voting, the team with the highest support rate wins; the tug-of-war competition is divided into two teams of red and blue, three wins and two wins, and the championship is judged; the skipping competition is an individual, and the jump is judged in 1 minute. The top three with the most laps; each team or player will compete fiercely.
The music sounded, and the contestants in the sewing group moved with the music. Because the group practice time is relatively short, although individual employees are not doing well and the steps are not neat, when everyone sees a smile on their faces, full of confidence, everyone applauds and cheers for them! We usually do the same work. We must believe in ourselves, be more confident and persistent, and the difficulties at work must be solved.
Look at this again, the players in the tug of war are actively warming up, discussing strategies, and hoping that their team can win and win the championship in one fell swoop. The whistle sounded, the two sides worked together, the cheerleaders shouted and cheered, the blue team won in three games and two wins. The tug-of-war project is a team battle that requires everyone's cooperation and unity to win.
The last one is the skipping rope project. The most important thing for skipping rope is to cooperate with hands and feet, and adjust the breathing from time to time; skipping rope can not only train oneself to bounce, speed, balance, but also reflect one's endurance and explosive power. During the talk, I saw that the players were ready, the whistle sounded, and the players raced against time. In the end, Xiaofang Zhang, Lily Wang, and Jay Zhao won the top three; the company leaders presented prizes to the winners of the event. As time passed by one minute and one second, the game was all nearing completion.
The success of this Game fully reflects the teamwork ability and team spirit of each employee of Yulong Textile. I believe that with you, Yulong will go further!

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