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On the parade, the unforgettable green scenery

2015-09-14 09:02 | writer: admin

  Golden Autumn September, the most unforgettable thing is the parade which China held for 70 anniversary of memory anti-fascist war, that slash of unforgettable  green scenery. 
  Clear and refreshing Autumn weather on Sep., azure blue sky with flowing several white cloud from time to time, everyone’s mood was felt broad and fresh by these wild sky. 10:00 sharp AM with firecracker salvo, under the sound of March of Volunteers, Chinese military ‘s looks serious, and wearing signal camouflage uniform, stride more powerful step, neat and uniform shown on front of our eyes, leaves us not only the shock , but also the proud and pride to be a Chinese. Believing that that slash of green will become the most unforgettable scenery in the world.
  In China, Xinxiang Yulong Textile company as one professional producing special fabric and garment totalization enterprise, military used camouflage will be sure our indispensable product. Our FR camo canvas/ FR camo aramid/ FR anti-tear camo fabric and such multiple superfine camo FR fabric, all these can reach global standard. Our garment can be designed and produced according to customer’s need. Our company’s products have been highly accepted by foreign customers, and also been wildly used by England and Ireland army. Our Xinxiang Yulong Textile company exported products truly produced best quality and high request standard, let the customer buying safe, and using comfortable.

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