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Working together all members swear to win the goal

2020-11-02 16:23 | writer: admin

On October 31, all the staff of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. carried out actions such as “ride the wind and waves, gather strength to move forward”, “sprint to win the market in a hundred days, create brilliance in one go,” and “count the heroes, talk about the heroes, and work hard. The "Hundred Days War" campaign was the battle cry.

First, the general manager of Yulong Textile Company made a speech. The general manager called on all our employees to uphold the Yulong spirit of "loyalty, responsibility, initiative, and gratitude", and carry forward the arduous work style of not being afraid of hardship and sacrifice. Faster and stronger” standards, work hard, pursue excellence, and live and develop together with Yulong. All employees of the company will definitely turn the slogan into action, and promote the efficient implementation of the sales team, network team, fabric team and clothing team with an unaffordable sense of crisis, unsatisfactory sense of urgency and unstoppable sense of responsibility. Sprint to the 100-day goal and resolutely win the phased victory of the company's strategy.
War hymns are loud, thunder drums are resounding, team flags are flying, and the horn of battle has been sounded. All employees swear with full enthusiasm and high morale: to ensure absolute loyalty to the company, resolutely support the company's leaders, earnestly perform their job duties, and maintain the company Interests, love the company, actively make suggestions for the development of the company, and work hard to achieve the company's strategic goals.
The following style display and artistic performance mainly examine the consistency and coordination of each team member. The parameter members of the four participating groups are all full of energy. In the cultural performances, they are full of confidence, vigor and collaboration. They are not only a display of personal spiritual outlook, but also team training and talent display. This activity focused on cultivating the team’s spirit of cooperation, communication skills and efficient execution, and it also created a team with efficient communication and execution and a working atmosphere of coordination, quality and cooperation.
This "Hundred Days War" event will also be a work competition between the four participating teams. The team members are gearing up to meet the upcoming work challenges with the highest morale. This competition will inspire more work enthusiasm among employees. , So that all employees of Yulong have stronger creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness, and turn them into valuable spiritual wealth to inspire us to do all the work in the future. Only when we implement it in actual work can we really win! In the coming days, we will surely achieve the 100-day decisive goal and submit satisfactory answers to the "Hundred Days War".

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