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Textile Artist

2015-09-25 15:48 | writer: admin

 Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd enjoy sound reputation for superior service and golden quality, every customer cooperate with us always give us a big praise to our service and quality. It is up to every yulong staff. In yulong, we treat every product as seriously as treat an artwork. Our every production is equal to creation of artist.
 In our fabric plant, there is a professional team which unknown to public called “textile artists”.Since the moment that grey fabric is received, all masters in quality inspection dpt. check them just like identify an ancient panting, they never miss one flaw for the perfection of cloth surface. In dye plant, technicists’ toning, color vision and color accuracy is as accurate as professional painter.  A series of after-finishing process is just like a polishing for their own paint. We still focus on packaging carefully, to keep safe while production delivery.
  Every production from Yulong is crystallized every yulong staffs’ effort, at the moment you received our product, we believe that you can feel our sincere heart.
We are waiting for your cooperation, we are at your service in yulong textile. 

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