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Stick to our post, just for the promise with you

2015-09-30 16:02 | writer: admin

   1st Oct. 1949 ,The peoples republic of China has announced established, so the day of 1st Oct. is Chinese national day, it stands up China’s rise forward to the global. So our Chinese government will arrange 1st Oct. annually for 7 days holiday, the whole nation joins in the jubilation. At the end of Sep. we all covered with lovely and harmony holiday atmosphere. 
    Our garment factory will carry out “three shifts” on the national holiday to keep product delivery time. The worker on production line pull together, show the trust and privity from long term running in. everyone keep united production tempo without any complain. Everybody stay on ones post dedicated on the job on hand.
   As everyone’s known, production line ‘s job is repeat boring and stuffy, but in this day after day’s tedious job, each staff show the serious working attitude. Arrive at the breaking time, the working shop production line still have the busy and orderly production view. Without any staff stop their job on hand, they also didn’t end up the job early because on the shift time, on their heart they have a most ordinary and most common belief “work more today , our customer will get the goods early”, no any mistake on tight production time, make sure the product quality , this seems a ordinary but grand things. This needs not only careful and patient, but the responsible to our customer and loving heart to the post.
    We stick on our post, not for other thing, just for the promise with you .

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