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Production escort team

2015-10-17 17:54 | writer: admin

  For a factory, the employees are the lifeblood of the entire company, and production equipment is core parts to prompt the whole operating , no blood, components are not likely to work; there is no core parts, blood can not be a good play to their maximum effect, so both are indispensable. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has been to "create a platform for employees" as its mission, the company will often provide good learning opportunities for our staff, create the stage for the development for our life. So how to do it if our core components are sick?
  In the workshop you will often see very busy figure, they will always carry toolbox, and another hand clamped recorded in each line of the shuttle, the body of the oil seems to have become their standard . This is our company's production Escort - maintenance department. They assume the maintenance of production equipment to ensure normal production of an important mission. In the workshop,the worker always say, "we are a brick socialism, where the need where to move." some new staff even dubbed them as "ghost." These are not a joke, in order not to affect the daily operation of production plants, they always maintain and repair every machine when everyone is off the work, and sometimes even our operation panel will be finishing clean .
  This is a group of people, they usually sloppy talkative, but they have quietly attentive infected every one of our employees, with them we can be more daring to implement our production plan, the maintenance department is the whole company's guard team, they cleared the existence of hidden dangers in production objective for us, so that we can wholeheartedly for customer service.

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