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Prevention and fire fighting combination together

2015-10-31 09:21 | writer: admin

   The weather is getting colder and colder in late autumn days, which makes greatly increase fire hazard. According to the statistics, which occupies 30%-40% of the fire hazard happened in the fall and winter. Our company to make sure the staff’s personal safety, fireworks must be banned in the producing department and relevant work area. As for a company, the warehouse has been the location for fire accident, so it would be the most important place to do fire fighting and security.
   To make sure the safety of the warehouse,keep the fire coefficient bottom, our company arrange workers clearn the warehouse full-scalely, all the stock goods put unified according to the warehouse plan, wipe out the clutter and eliminate the fire risk. Our compnay recently promulgated “Prevention and fire fighting combination together” as the guiding principle of fire thinking. We take a look at each of these firefighting equipment in turn, including power source and circuit, guarantee each person of producing department kow how to use firefighting equipment, each potential hazards in a stable state.
   All the person are very serious to check on the scene, we all know it no only  concerns our company property loss, most important is concerned with each person life safety. Our Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd promise, clients safe is the frist, We firmly believe that only safety from ourselves can protect clients profit.

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