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Xinxiang Yulong Textile - Shining In The Winter

2015-12-05 15:15 | writer: admin

   Because the water vapor on surface layer is plentiful, and for there is a mass of dust in the air and for unconspicuous cold air activity, these factors lead to abatement of wind and a heavy fog which caused by wet air freeze. In the fog, air visibility is less than 1 kilometer generally, and in the heavy fog it will reduce to 500 meters even 200 meters. The traffic accident rate and outer accident rate will be several times or even more than usual, the main reason is low visibility, and people got less response time when people meet emergencies. Therefore, outdoor workers should choose high visibility garments, so that got more response time in emergencies, is the best solution for this situation.  
   Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd is one of earliest manufacture of fluorescent fabric, after experience accumulation for many year, our fluorescent fabric got high tensile strength, soft hand feel and bright color. And it can got the anti-static, water/oil proof and flame-retardant function according to customers’ requirement. For more choices to customer, we developed fluorescent oxford fabric and fluorescent polyester twill fabric, and cotton fluorescent fabric, polyester cotton fluorescent fabric, which can meet the EN20471 Standard and certification. Our fabric will make you gorgeous and shining in the winter fog.
  “Your safety is our responsibility”, Xinxiang Yulong Textile will be at your service.

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