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Xinxiang Yulong Textile-the leader of one top service

2015-12-11 15:37 | writer: admin

   On Nov. 30th,, 2015, the most characteristic “Internet Monday” in America is finished, which is similar as the “11.11” in China, on which day, people begin to crazy shopping. According to the data of Adobe company, on the “internet Monday”, the sales amount reaches 30.7 billions of US dollars, which have refresh the past record. Together with the “black Friday”, from Nov. 28 to Nov. 30, the total sales reaches 111 billions US dollars. From what, we can found that the internet bring the huge changes to our economy. 
   Xinxiang Yulong Textile is the early manufacture of special flame retardant fabric and clothing in north Henan. Long before, we have find the potential of internet, which can bring big customer. Our company decides to break through the tradition and push our products to world. Until now, we have ten years sales experience, we have built our new products research center. Develop the new products according to the customer’s requires. In the plant we have set the export products group, which will research and resolve the problems of export products. About the delivery, we have set the urgent line. For the urgent products, we’ll design the fastest transport program and arrange delivery. In order to let our customer enjoy the faster shopping, our company have already set up a perfect export production and marketing system. We have achieve the real one stop fabric/clothing manufacture and one stop production and sales. 
   We can bring you the most competitive price, top quality products, closest service. Choose Yulong Textile, bring you perfect cooperation experience. 

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