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Xinxiang Yulong Textile, warehouse datemation

2015-12-18 14:00 | writer: admin

  With technology development, datamation have been deeply coming in our life, which is made our company from traditional operation model to informationize model.
  Xinxiang Yulong Textile company is also without exception. Our company’s logistics department start a high efficiency warehouse logistics system, to be better assist sales department for promptly provide rapid service to customers, we decide start to build and carry out datamation management with high speed. With company’s development, the kinds of good in our warehouse become more and more much, it’s divide become more and more details, previous traditional approval operation mode, have not been satisfied our operation speed. Our warehouse workers clearly know, only totally change everything can twist present old warehouse operation mode.
  First, to clean up the warehouse, give the simple clear stocked information. Our company leader picked up most chary staff from each department made for group, each group named “FR fabric”, “antistatic fabric”, ”FR workwewar”, “hi viz protective clothing” as group name, and leading with veteran warehouse master to do the clean up. Following we should do is to put these product name and its detailed information in the system, so that it will be easy for following revise when come in and go out. To make sure the whole information solution ‘s process, every staff have to work without knowing the time, put the company’s benefit into personal’s.
  Our Xinxiang Yulong textile company will put the customer’s profit be the NO. one every time. Our everyday are making the promotion to ourselves to be better serve the customers. We believe we are always trying hard to take you perfect cooperation feeling.

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