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your protective specialist in winter - YULONG tex

2015-12-21 08:24 | writer: admin

  On Nov 7,2015 ,Our Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition team start ride “Snow Dragon ” expedition ship from shanghai ,this scientific expedition takes about 70days . according to the news at State Oceanic Administration ,at Dec 15 ,eleven hour 18 minutes ,11 sets snowmobile carry 38 inland team member ,went to the interior land of Antarctic ,Kunlun stand .We all know polar climate is changeable , scientific investigator not only should live there ,they also need to finish the job of exploration and sampling .if they wear too much ,the action will be limited ,if they wear airtight raincoat to keep warm ,when working ,the hot gas in there body won’t be emitted ,it will congeal into water moisture, once the investigator stop working ,they will shiver because of code ,if they sleep ,they may have chance to die of cold .So it is very important to choose the right workwear fabric ,it should have the function of water-proof ,breathable ,keep warm ,rip-stop ect .
  The fireproof water repellent fabric produced by Xinxiang yulong textile ,the raw material is high density cotton and polyester blended fiber ,the tear strength ,air permeability and moisture vapor permeability all better then normal water proof fabric .It is soft ,and comfortable handfeel ,and have a good quality of thermal insulation properties, also have beautiful color and easy to recognize ,it is suitable for people who have outwork in cold season. Our designer in garment mill can OEM FR water proof shirt ,coverall ,suit ect . according to client’s requires ,suitable for winter protective uniform .
  After many years of produce, research ,Xinxiang yulong textile have subdivide all kinds of fabric ,and give more offer to oversea clients !

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