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Xinxiang Yulong Textile,secret that can not be told

2015-12-21 08:35 | writer: admin

  At night, the cold wind blows, the staff from printing and dyeing workshop of Yulong textile can not imagine that what is going on in the storage at a distance of several hundred meters ......
  The midnight bell has just rung, there is rustling ring in the storage, along with the gently moving, there is bashful voice "Hi, is everyone awake?" a cheerful voice said "We have been lying for a day, and wake up early, main reason is they work overtime increasingly, and our free time is getting shorter," then an old man said: "Because our fire retardant fabric is good market, actually they are very tired. "The cheerful voice then said: "Today i heard someone said that most of fire accidents occurred because of electrical accidents, weather is getting colder, and it is peak season, people wear more clothes and friction will be increased. FR brother, just look it, anti-static fabric is only the sales champion in this winter. "proudly laughter is interrupted by a gentle voice“But you only have one function, multi-functional fabrics is rising star, every member of our family has a variety of skills. Take me for example, there is anti-static material in my body, R & D from Xinxiang Yulong Textile upgraded my fire retardant and waterproof-breathable skills. So people like fire-retardant and anti-static workwear , with my protection, people who work outdoors can enjoy 'happily go to work, come home safely', so the sales champion must be our multi-functional fabrics.”When the three members are arguing, a brilliant light from flashlight passed through the storage,in an instant, all the sound stopped, it seemed nothing happened.
  Don't ask me why I know all of this, I happened to pass by the storage when on duty.

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