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The EI Nino in winter make the fire disaster occurred frequently

2016-01-09 17:35 | writer: admin

  The Brazil national spaceflight research laboratory reported on 5th Jan. 2015, the forest fire disaster in Brazil in 2015 have reached 235 thousand pieces, which have increased 27.5% than 2014. Some expert indicate that the main reason is the EI Nino. 
The fire disaster in Brazil in 2015 is focus on the last 5 years in the year, when the brazil should be turn into the rainy reason. But influenced by the EI Nino, the north of Brazil have great drought, which occurs the frequent fire disaster. The WMO warns, the EI Nino will last to Mar. 2016. So the fire disaster supervise department should not be relax. China also be influenced by the EI Nino and form the flood in south, drought in north. So in north of China, it is necessary to prepare for the fire. 
  As we all know, the casualties is caused by intake more poisonous gas and cause stifle and died. Some experts statistics if using the flame retardant materials the property damage will reduce about 2 times. The noxious gas of environment friendly flame retardant materials in fire disaster is one third of the non-FR materials. The poisonous gas reduced greatly, which have provide strong condition to escape. 
  Xinxiang Yulong Textile takes the going green and environmental protection as our production idea. The permanency flame retardant fabric, fire proof anti-static fabric, fire resistent water proof oil repellent fabric, FR hi vis fabric and other protective fabric we produced put the green, environmental protection and pollution-free materials to use and combined with our company’s new technology produced to the finished products. During the production, we have strict spot check. All the products have pass the international standard, soft, bright, non-poisonous, unpalatable, which can not make any harm to the users’ body and be loved by various countries customer. 
Trust Yulong is not only give you a superior product, it is also a guarantee to health. 

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